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    Dogs are pack animals, and when you bring a new dog into your home you have now created a pack, even if it’s only the two of you. It’s hardwired into a dog’s DNA to either lead or follow. Without proper structure and leadership, EVERY dog will assume the leadership role, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel in that position because dogs know that a pack needs a leader. This is what leads to unwanted behaviors from our companions; fear, anxiety and aggression to name a few.

    Whether it’s a super excited puppy, high energy working breed, aggressive, possessive, nervous issues, or you would just like consistent obedience; We at H.O.P.E Dog Training believe THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE, no matter how far gone you think your situation may be. Every dog has their own personality, just like people, and at H.O.P.E Dog Training we understand that without a proper evaluation of your dog, your goals, and the big picture, there is no way to give a proper recommendation for your expectations and goals to set your pack up for success. We at H.O.P.E Dog Training strive to teach you how to consistently be trusted and respected as the pack’s leader.

There's always HOPE!