We at H.O.P.E Dog Training understand that it’s not just about training your dog but making sure that you understand the training, what to expect, how to be proactive, and that setting your dog up for success is the MOST important part. We are not only teaching you how to train your companion, but we’re teaching you a new skill that will be extremely beneficial for future companions as well as dealing with other dogs around you.

Fresh Start Puppy Program

Designed for those younger than 5 months.

    Our Fresh Start Puppy Program is a 1 hour lesson with you and your puppy. In this hour, you will be taught how to train the basic commands (ex. sit, down, come, and place) as well as how to build a good recall (coming when called) with your puppy. You will be guided in setting up a good schedule for your puppy which is the first step to house breaking. Putting your dog on a schedule (ex. feeding, outside, play and rest) builds a routine which helps with potty training along with other issues like jumping, biting, submissive peeing, and boredom.

    Our Fresh Start Puppy program will put you ahead of the curve and give you a head start to advanced obedience when your puppy is old enough for more extensive training.