LOVE LOVE LOVE. I first heard about Donnie from my grandparents when they saw him with his dogs at Starbucks. They kept going on and on about how well behaved they were and I had to see for myself. A couple days later he came over to our house for a FREE consultation because as he explains, every dog is different and every person has different needs and wants for their dogs. After seeing his dogs in action, my grandparents immediately said yes to the training. Not only is Donnie super good with dogs, he also works really well with people. He is always patient and kind, and if you have any questions you can always contact him. My puppy has been learning the basic behavorial things really quickly and I have asked to start learning how to teach him some of the harder tricks that his dogs know how to do and he has also been very helpful with that. I now have no concerns about bringing my dog to my apartment with me and being able to have control of him during all times. This training is very informative and very helpful. I definitely recommend and it's worth every penny.
- Lilliana M. 06/23/2016

Donnie is an incredible trainer. My entire life I have willingly picked the most difficult dogs to own and train. I have done it my self for years but this year I got a dog that I couldn't handle. I was so frustrated and lost. Donnie helped me work with my dog and understand why he was being so difficult around other dogs. Off leash he loved to play and run, but on leash he acted like he was going to kill them. With Donnie's help I have been able to recognize the issues, teach my dog a better way to act in public, and now give him so much freedom to have fun with me. I now take my dog off leash hiking, swimming at the river, to dog friendly patios, vacations, the coast, and even to friends houses. Donnie has given me a piece of mind, confidence, and helped me build an incredible friendship with my dog. He not only trained my dog but trained me and helped me see what I could do to improve my relationship with my dog. Thank you Donnie and HOPE Dog Training for everything. You have given me a life of freedom and fun with my dog.
-Nicole G. 06/21/2016