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As soon as you bring your dog home, your family becomes a "pack", and your dog may try to assume the leadership role in a number ways. 

Good news...WE CAN HELP! With more than 10 years of experience in dog training, we work with both the dog and its owner(s), so that everyone has a clear understanding of their roles in the "pack" and you can live together in harmony. We can help you eliminate troubling behaviors, resulting in a dog who is comfortable in nearly any situation.

Fresh Start Puppy Program

Immersion Program

Private Lessons

Dog Obedience School Featuring Puppy Training

H.O.P.E. Dog Training offers San Antonio and Lubbock, TX area dog owners the strategies they need to create healthy relationships with their furry companions. No matter what breed or size of dog you have, we can work with you and your dog so that your dog has a clear understanding of your expectations to minimize any unwanted behavior. Call us today for more information about how we can assist you with your dog training needs, including puppy training, crate training, and all parts of dog obedience training.

We specialize in Dog Obedience & More!

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We Offer Potty Training, Dog Boarding & More!

Here at H.O.P.E. Dog Training, we strive to help others pursue excellence. We offer dog training services such as potty training, dog obedience training, dog boarding & more to the Lubbock and San Antonio, TX areas. If you have any questions or concerns about our company or the services we offer, please contact us via phone or email. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

We at H.O.P.E. Dog Training understand that it’s not just about training your dog but making sure that you understand the training, what to expect, how to be proactive, and that setting your dog up for success is the MOST important part.

We are not only teaching you how to train your companion, but we’re teaching you a new skill that will be extremely beneficial for future companions as well as dealing

with other dogs around you.

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