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Meet Our Trainers

and their Pack

Introducing Owner/Head Trainer...Donnie Danford

    I have been an animal lover as long as I can remember. Growing up my mom wasn’t the biggest fan of me bringing stray animals home, but she saw that I had a passion for helping them and she supported me. Living with my mom, dogs were not allowed in the house so  it was my job to ensure they were well taken care of and had everything they needed to be just as happy outside.

    When I was 22, my dad and I started breeding Great Danes and Mastiffs. We loved the gentleness, the playfulness and the lap dog mind set of the Great Danes; as well as the loyalty, muscle, relatively longer lifespan and protectiveness of the Mastiffs. So we strived to put it all in one breed.

    Having the privilege of owning so many dogs, as well as the training that went into them (both adults and new puppies) taught me a lot about the mental, physical, and behavioral side of living with man’s best friend. It allowed me to make sure my puppies were going to good homes as well as make sure the new owners had a good understanding of what to expect and how to set both, new puppy and owner, up for success.

    I have been training dogs, on some level, for almost 10 years and in that time I have dealt with dogs and owners with many different issues. I have trained and rehabilitated dogs that are highly aggressive  to people, dogs that were aggressive to other dogs, dogs that were afraid of the world, dogs with severe separation anxiety, shy or submissive dogs, overly excitable dogs, super high energy dogs, working dog, hunting dogs, as well as many other dogs.

    I understand that it is my job to teach dog owners what it takes to live a happy life with their dog allowing them to enjoy their lives WITH their dogs and not have their lives revolve around their dog, or a dog that is only enjoyable or manageable inside their home.

    As a husband, father, and owner of multiple dogs I understand that life happens and not all of us have the ability to be with our dogs every second of the day. My goal is to teach any dog owner that is willing to put in the time an effort, how to make training a part of their life and make the most out of their available time. I take pride in helping others obtain and enjoy their idea of “the perfect dog” just as my family and I have been blessed enough to do.

Introducing Trainer...Karen Guinan

​Karen Guinan has been affiliated with HOPE Dog Training since 2018. Originally, she reached out for assistance with her own personal dog challenges. Through the rehabilitation process of her own dog with the guidance of HOPE Dog Training, she found a passion that led her to a new career path as a dog trainer.


She loves encouraging family members who struggle with their own challenges with their family dog. Karen enjoys seeing the relationship building that occurs throughout the training between families and their dog(s).


She looks forward to meeting you and your dog and seeing how she can help improve your relationship with your dog. Remember, there's always HOPE!

Call us now 806-778-8732

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