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Fresh Start Puppy Training 

Designed for those younger than 6 months.


Our Fresh Start Puppy Program is a 1-hour lesson with you and your puppy. During this hour, you will be taught how to train your puppy basic commands (ex: sit, down, come, and place) as well as how to build a good relationship with them. For example, your puppy will learn to come when called as a result of this relationship building session.


We will also start with housebreaking training. The first step to housebreaking is putting your puppy on a schedule. We will help guide on how to set up a good schedule for them. Having a regimented schedule of feedings, going outside, playing, and sleeping builds a routine which helps with potty training dogs. It also helps with other issues such as jumping, biting, submissive urination, and boredom.


Our Fresh Start Puppy program is excellent for all dog owners, especially first-time puppy owners. This program will put you ahead of the curve and give you a head start on advanced obedience once your puppy is old enough for more extensive dog training. After you have completed the Fresh Start Puppy Training Program, you can take a look at some of the other dog training programs we have to offer.

Immersion Dog Training

Our immersion dog training program allows you and your dog to get a head start on training. This dog training program is unique because instead of you and your dog learning at the same time, your dog will get training in a real-life atmosphere with a professional dog trainer. When your dog returns home after our immersion dog training program, it will already have an understanding of what's expected. While your dog is away, we focus on teaching you (the owner) how to continue the training when your dog returns, resulting in faster progress for both you and your dog. 


As mentioned before, your dog will be trained in a REAL LIFE atmosphere. It will be trained in parks, pet stores, neighborhoods, pet-friendly places, around kids, strangers, other dogs, and more. We do NOT  train your dog in a facility. Your dog gets to go home with the trainer and sleep at their house, where they will be completely immersed in the life of the trainer. 

We currently offer the following:

2 Week Program – A positive understanding of the collar is taught along with the basics; such as come on commandsit (stay), down (stay), and walking with you.


3 Week Program – More socialization, dog training in more pet-friendly environments, and more consistency with the commands. This also allows time to push towards OFF LEASH CONTROL!

4 Week Program – Refine, Refine, Refine! 

Obviously, the more time your dog is with us, the more time we have to refine both mental and physical aspects of the dog training.

Benefits of Dog Boarding and Training:

There are a variety of benefits that come from immersion dog training and boarding. Your dog will come home with the professional trainer. This allows for consistency and training in a real-life atmosphere. Once your dog is trained you can take your dog to more places. Dog training will help you develop a stronger bond with your dog. It will also help you to understand your dog better. Immersion dog training is one of the best ways for your dog to learn.


Private Lessons

We also offer private lessons for you and your dog. These lessons consist of four personal dog training sessions, each increasing in distractions. Each lesson will be 45 minutes to an hour long, once a week. We will coach you on how to handle the training and obtain the desired results. We will give you the tools to achieve success. However, it will be your responsibility to introduce and enforce the new way of life.


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